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Fazzio’s MVP Elite brings together all the information a baseball or softball player will need to perform at his or her highest level. We use video demonstrations and descriptions to show and explain exactly what each movement should look like. From hitting, fielding, workouts, nutrition, etc. Our programs will have you dominating the field of play and making sure you stand out in the crowd.

Congratulations Tyler Nelson

Congratulations Tyler Nelson

Congratulations to one of our original boys Tyler Nelson on committing to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Tyler started with Coach Cal and Coach Daryl when he was about 11 years old and he’s come a looooooong way since then! From learning how to play catch to...

Sam Witte in Action

Sam Witte in Action

Sam Witte getting absolutely after it this past weekend! Another kid who never misses his lessons and loves being a student of the game. Keep racking up hits buddy!! We're very proud of your progress and honored to have you on the team! Here's a video of Sam at bat...

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Fazzio's MVP Elites has twenty graduates on collegiate baseball scholarships, and counting. If you want to improve your skills mentally, physically, and visually, Fazzio's MVP Elites is for you. We take students from little league all the way through to the pros and help shape and develop them into the best in the stadium. Are you interested in learning more? Click the button to the right and sign up today!

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